Friday, January 18, 2013

Time? Management? What?!

As a first semester nursing student, I do have to say I have a time management problem. I have never had a problem before and I have just been able to cope with my "disability". In the past, I have been able to just cram for exams, pull those all-nighters, and do just fine.
 Nursing school is a whole different animal. This one will bite back. The amount of information that I am learning is so intense that I have to sit down, read, and ask myself comprehensive questions. With that being said, controlling my procrastination and eliminating my bad habits is not going to come easy. I have been able to cut down on Facebook and Instagram. I am an avid social networker, and I do like having that line with the outside world. But when the line to the world takes 2 hours of my time, its an issue. I have been reading a book, on top of my mountains of other reading. The book is a supplemental book that Dr. Drummond had recommended. Nursing School Success by Wilfong, Szolis and Haus. These women are RNs and they understand the importance of time management. They themselves have been through the same struggles.
In Chapter 2 Organization and Time management skill they say this:

  • The first step in developing a time management program is to know yourself. Identify how you actually spend your time.
  • Effective time management includes finding a balance between time allotted for required tasks and leisure activities(Wilfong, Szolis,& Haus, 2007, p.8).
The video below is me.

Now that I have identified myself, what am I going to do next? What is my plan of implementation?
I have a calendar that I have written down all important due dates, tests, quizzes, etc. I have also made myself a daily schedule that is set in time form. I am a very visual person. So, making and seeing a schedule is very important to me. I am very routine oriented. I know when I have a plan, I usually stick to the plan.

I am constantly learning what I am capable of, what works and does not work. I have made it this far, not its time for me to get managing my life.

 Wifong, D., Szolis, C., &Haus, C., (2007). Nursing School Success. Sudbury, MA: dj.

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